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Things to Do in Oxford, OH

Recently cited by Forbes as the #1 Best College Town in America, Oxford, Ohio is a small-town community with close to 7,000 year-round residents. For 9 months of the year, Oxford is filled with the vibrant energy that comes with 18,000 Miami University students. The proximity of the University provides access to excellent arts, cultural and athletic events, as well as amazing facilities. During the summer, the town keeps busy with festivals, concerts, and events. The historic Uptown district (because it's uphill from all directions) is home to several locally-owned businesses and is busy year-round.

Surrounded by miles of generational family farms, Oxford boasts an award-winning farmer's market, numerous arts organizations, and miles of hiking trails. We are 15 minutes from Hueston Woods State Park and within an hour of both Cincinnati and Dayton. We love our little town and all it has to offer. Welcome to our home! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. To find out more about Oxford and "what to do," visit the Enjoy Oxford site.

Brookville Lake Resort Area

The Brookville Lake Resort area is just 20-25 minutes west of Oxford and provides boating, hiking, golf and a wonderful waterfront restaurant. Open from April to October each year, it is the perfect spot if you are bringing a boat. It is a privately-owned camping community so call first before coming to the park.

Hueston Woods State Park

Hueston Woods State Park is a great place for hiking, horseback riding, golfing, and more. It's just a short ten minute drive away from the Welsh Stewart House. See the many attractions at Hueston Woods including the Covered Bridge, the Nature Center, swimming and disc golf.

Miami University

Recognized as the #1 public university in the nation for its commitment to undergraduate education (and #2 overall after Princeton), Miami is one of the nation’s eight original Public Ivy universities, and is also the 7th oldest in the nation, founded in 1809. It was frequently then called the “Yale of the West.” With more than 17 miles of trails and 1,000 acres of preserve and natural areas, plus an art museum, historic Western campus, the Freedom Summer Memorial, the Cradle of Coaches, quads and gardens, its offers much to explore for visitors to Oxford. See for yourself why Robert Frost called it "The most beautiful campus that ever there was."

Oxford Area Trails (OATs Trail) - Hiking Trails

Beautiful trails and a great place to take walks and enjoy nature! The Oxford area trails are a planned network of walking nature trails linking some of Oxford's most well-known sites. We are proud of our OATs trails!


Oxford has tons of local shops owned by enterprising entrepreneurs offering many unique items. Definitely worth visiting and shopping! Enjoy any one of our small shops in the Uptown District. Shopping our small businesses helps to support the local economy in Oxford as well as many of the outdoor events in Oxford.
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